Monday, 23 June 2014

Craft or Blog Everyday In June - Day 23

Hi Guys, 

Really late getting this up on the blog today. 

So the themes are: Day 23: Dish the dirt on your biggest craft spend OR Craft something for a child recpient

I was going to craft for a child but I ran out of time June is my busiest time as July I need loads of Anniversary cards and Birthday cards so the back end of June gets hectic. 

Anyway thought I would share what my biggest craft spend.. 

It has got to be my electronic cutting machines. 

I started with the Cricut Create I purchased it second hand, as the one I found was from a lovely lady who really looked after her things, and she was also selling her cartridges it come with 6 cartridges , three cutting mats, some blades and a bit of card stock. I got it for around £200.00

I moved on to the Expression which I have called "Eddie" this cost me about £90.00  to upgrade as I sold my create and got a complete bargain with the expression - again this come with some accessories. 

Just recently some of you will know that I have purchased the Cameo machine called "Cameron" I got this second hand as well, I was originally going to purchase it from a shop but I wasn't sure how much I would get on with it, so decided to try and get a bit cheaper so if I did sell it in the future I wouldn't loose as much - I got this at a bargain of £140.00 

And now for my big confession, a week ago today I took into my care a brand new Cricut Explore, you guessed it this has a name as well and of course it is " Dora - Dora the explorer" I found it on amazon and as I am a prime customer I ordered it at 3 o'clock last Monday and it arrived at Dinner time on Tuesday - And it was the same price as Create and Craft just without any postage charges so £250 lighter but I am reasonably pleased with it, needs some attention and the software could do with a bit of a over hall but hopefully these are just teething problems. 

I have a full review of the three machines coming up soon! Including what you get in the box with the explore as they don't make it 100% clear what you get. 

So since 2010 my spend on electronic cutting machines has got to  £680.00 

Ooooo I SOOOOO hope my hubby doesn't read this! 

Right off to hang head in shame at that spend- hope you don't think I am bragging, because really I am not, I just wanted to share it with you and confess fully. but if you are thinking of purchases any of these machines, you can contact me and I will happily answer any questions that I can. But bearing in mind you can get some really really good deals out there! just make sure you read the description, check feedback and ask questions if you are unsure and my rule is always if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is! 



Mel @ Melusberry Crafts said...

Hey Kelly! Sorry for the last comment! I am catching up!
Gotta say the Cricut / Cameo etc are probably worth the money, I really would like to get into the electronic machines a lot more, but think my computer / netbook wouldn't be able to handle it! The amount doesn't seem so bad to be honest - I think if you make great use out of it, it's a great investment and the amount of cards, projects you make will be an indefinite amount - so definitely worth it! Hugs xxx

Julie said...

oh the amount you have spent on your machines is very little compared to what you could spend I always worry about buying second hand cutters I wish I could say I have alone spent that