Thursday, 19 June 2014

Craft or Blog Everyday In June - Day 19

Good Morning Everyone, 

Day 19 and I am still here - getting closer to the end every day ;-) 

So the theme Karien set is

Day 19:  Tell us ten things that make you happy OR Craft something that has a food theme

I have a hard enough time with food never mind crafting it, so I went with the "10 things that you happy"

Wow 10 things. Really that is all I get okay here goes. 

1. Scrapbooking - Makes me rethink to the time I am scrapbooking and brings back some awesome memories. 
2. Sending a handmade gift/card and getting really good feedback. 
3. Walking hand in hand down the beach with the hubby.
4. Spending time with the family doing nothing special just having a walk through the woods, or having a coffee in a coffee shop
5. Having a meal with family/friends.
6. Getting new crafty goods delivered to the door especially the ones you forgot you ordered. 
7. Road trip with the hubby - doesn't have to be going anywhere special, just setting off in the car, getting a coffee for the journey and generally having a chat and spending time away from the telly and computers
8. Sunday dinners
9. Bottle of wine and a catch up with friends
10. Holidays - be it in the UK or Abroad, I don't mind just spending time away from the chores of the house exploring new areas and generally having a great time. 

These are in no particular order and are a bit of both crafty and personal, I thought when I was tasked to it - oh wow that will be easy, but actually it took a bit of thinking about because a lot of things make me happy, so to narrow it down to just 10 took a bit of time to work out. 

Thanks so much for stopping in, and for all of you who have been here everyday, you really are fantastic. 
Crafty Hugs

I have decided as well that  I will also do a little give away -  3 separate winners -
Prize 1 - £10 Bee Crafty Gift Voucher
Prize 2 - £5 Craft Magazine - winner to choose
Prize 3 - Lili of the valley stamp to the value of £4.75
The only rules to be eligible are:
1. Follow my blog
2. Comment a minimum of 20 days out of the 30 
This is not a rule but I would also love for you to follow me on Facebook - if you do follow me, let me  know in the comments and this will give you an additional entry.
Unfortunately due to postal charges these days this give away is only open to UK friends. (I will look into how I can do a give away for my international friends and try and do something in a few months time)


Irene said...

Hi Kelly

Like yourself I love to spend time with my hubby, son and daughter In law, going out for days out and meals. The best has to be on holiday all together, exploring different places, especially if they is a craft shop nearby.


Mel @ Melusberry Crafts said...

Hey Kelly! I really like your list! Me and you have some very similar things on the list - great minds think alike! =) I agree that lists can be really easy when you think about, but when you actually start writing things out it's like 'Oh wow that's soo hard!' - great list though! xx