Sunday, 15 June 2014

Craft Everyday In June - Day 15

Good Morning Everyone, 

How are we all doing? Today in the UK we are celebrating "FATHERS DAY" so a massive Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there, a big hug to all the dads to be and a massive hug to all the want to be dads!

So today we are half way through our 30 day challenge. 

Today Kairen has set the theme of

So today I wanted to craft something Pink seen though that is my fav colour.. Could I get my Mojo going.. Absolutely not! so instead I am going to tell you how I got into crafting.

I got into crafting back in 2006 I had just purchased my first house with my boyfriend (who is now my husband) on the day we completed Alan's job role changed slightly and he was giving the chance to work on a project for three weeks, that meant he had to work weekends as well.. Okay not a massive thing for three weeks.. Four months later the project is still going on.. Alan's mam at the time was starting to dabble in card making and she was showing me her goodies.. It was then that I realised that have a little hobby would help relax after work (at the time I worked full time for a massive house building company within there accounts team) and give me something to do at the weekend. I didn't want anything that was going to cost a fortune and decided card making was the way to go (oh how little did I know that 8 years later I would have pretty much the largest bedroom to myself) Luckily I was helping out in a show (family fun day) and there was a lady selling card making supplies and that is were it all began. My first purchase was card, an embossing ball tool and two of the Glitter Girls Embossing Boards (I think it was framey and dress me up )  and some peel offs. 

8 years on, I only have there book a trix board, but hundreds of different types of "essential" (just incase hubby reads this) items, a cameo and a cricut machine.. As well as cardmaking I also do scrapbooking (when I get time) 

So there you go that is how I got into card making.. Really I blame the hubby, if his project hadn't of over run, I wouldn't have got bored.. Ha Ha, knew I could get it twisted back to his fault some how haha.  

Don't forget to hop back over tomorrow for day 16.

Crafty Hugs


Irene said...

Hi Kelly

Thanks for sharing how you got into crafting. When I first stated like yourself little did I know what an expensive hobby it can be. My most expensive item is my Cricut Expression, then my Grand Calibur.


Mel @ Melusberry Crafts said...

That's so cool that your hubby got you into crafting! But I'm sure you wouldn't have changed that though! That's a great story - it's really awesome to hear how people got into crafting! Great post! xx

Niamh O'Grady said...

I loved reading how you got into crafting, it's always nice to know how others got started. For me it was following an illness back in 2008. The most expensive item that I've ever bought would be my Cuttlebug but all these years later and it still owes me nothing. It's great!

Jo said...

Great post Kelly....definitely hubby's fault lol! I remember just before my hubby died he went to work
with glitter in his made me laugh so hard, this big tough 6 foot 4 fella covered in glitter going to work the night shift!
hugs Jo x