Monday, 9 June 2014

Craft and Blog Everyday In June - Day 09

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

How are we doing? Thank you for being here for Day 10
So today's theme:

Day 9:  If you could start your crafting life all over again what would you differently OR Craft something that has a beach theme

"If you could start your crafting life all over again what would you differently"

This is easy for me! 

I would pick one thing and stay with it. 

When I first started crafting I would try everything that was on the market, and I spent a fortune, and to be honest pretty much everything I got thinking about it and looking back now was not my style and pretty much rubbish! 
So if I was to start fresh this is what I would do.

1. Look on pinterest see what ideas you like
2. Get on some craft forums and explain you are new have not purchased anything but would like some suggestions
3. Join a craft class, one were everything is provided apart from basic equipment - I am saying basic to me is, glue, scissors, knife.
4. Buy a couple of magazines 
5. Ask LOTS of questions. 

Once you have done this, if you have decided what you like the look of then go and get further advise on just this one element of crafting and go from there, and once you gain your confidence then you can start exploring in different avenues and don't forget what one person says is the best thing going, might not be the best thing for you. 

Most importantly have fun!

 So if you had to start again what would you do differently?

Don't forget to leave me a comment.

I have decided as well that  I will also do a little give away -  3 separate winners -
Prize 1 - £10 Bee Crafty Gift Voucher
Prize 2 - £5 Craft Magazine - winner to choose
Prize 3 - Lili of the valley stamp to the value of £4.75
The only rules to be eligible are:
1. Follow my blog
2. Comment a minimum of 20 days out of the 30 
This is not a rule but I would also love for you to follow me on Facebook - if you do follow me, let me  know in the comments and this will give you an additional entry.
Unfortunately due to postal charges these days this give away is only open to UK friends. (I will look into how I can do a give away for my international friends and try and do something in a few months time)

See you tomorrow for Day 10

Crafty Hugs


Irene said...

Hi Kelly
I agree with you. When I fist started I liked to try a lot of different things, even now I try to take time about things, not always does it work. But it's part of crafting till you find your own niche.


Kairen from karoove said...

I agree too. but like Irene said half the part of trying all these different crafts is to find something that lights your spark

Mel @ Melusberry Crafts said...

Great post Kelly! Gotta say when I started crafting, there wasn't Pinterest and social media was pretty much non-existent! But I'm glad we have those resources now - and I would definitely just stick to a few techniques rather than ten!

Jo said...

Fun's definitely the way to go.....and lucky for us pretty much all crafting is fun!
hugs Jo x