Monday, 16 June 2014

Craft or Blog Every Day In June - Day 16

Good Morning Everyone, 

Well I can say now that I am over half way in my challenge. 

Don't forget you can join the rest of the challenge members by popping over to Kairen's blog. 

So today's theme is : Day 16:  What do you want to learn to do? Can be crafty or non-crafty OR Craft something that has stripes

This got my thinking caps on. Not because I don't want to learn anything but because I want to learn so much. 

So after a lot of thinking about it I decided that I would share two things with you, one crafty, one non crafty. 

Well this for me is easy really - I would love to learn how to colour like some of the pro's do. I often think that my colouring lets me down and when I see some of the cards that have been done, I often think that they could be sold as pieces of art - Well I guess really they do get sold as pieces of art because nobody should be throwing them out in the bin.  So I would love to be able to go to a retreat and just get taught shading, blending and technique and where I am going wrong with it. 

Play the violin or a grand piano - I have had the opportunity at both of these in school but because they were not "cool" I never stuck with it. Now I really wish that I had so if I had the change to learn either of these again I would jump at the chance. 

That is it for me for today, I always think I end up rambling on and making the posts really long, so thought I would keep this one short. 
Thanks for joining me for today
Crafty Hugs 

I have decided as well that  I will also do a little give away -  3 separate winners -
Prize 1 - £10 Bee Crafty Gift Voucher
Prize 2 - £5 Craft Magazine - winner to choose
Prize 3 - Lili of the valley stamp to the value of £4.75
The only rules to be eligible are:
1. Follow my blog
2. Comment a minimum of 20 days out of the 30 
This is not a rule but I would also love for you to follow me on Facebook - if you do follow me, let me  know in the comments and this will give you an additional entry.
Unfortunately due to postal charges these days this give away is only open to UK friends. (I will look into how I can do a give away for my international friends and try and do something in a few months time)


Mel @ Melusberry Crafts said...

I used to play the piano when I was younger, but I didn't like it all that much. I wish I could play the guitar as a few friends in bands and my boyfriend plays bass guitar too.
The colouring and blending for me too is one I should do more with as it needs work! But keep practising! You'll be a pro in no time! :) xx

Irene said...

Hi Kelly

We all want to colour better, so I just keep trying my best. I wish I could be more artistic, then my colouring would be even better.


Jo said...

Great post Kelly, think colouring would be real close to the top of my list too.....oh well, practice makes perfect!
hugs Jo x

Kairen from karoove said...

My mum can listen to a piece of music then play it on the piano or organ. Give her 5 minutes and she just about got the whole thing down. Me ? think I am tone deaf