Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Craft and Blog Every Day in June - Day 4

Good Afternoon Everyone, 

Back again and today is Day 4 of the craft or blog every day in June Challenge. 

Today's theme is:

Which Crafting Season Is Your Favourite or Craft Something That has Silver In It. 

So I went with the Crafting Season. 

I really had to think about this one, and I couldn't easily make up my mind, so I decided to list what I liked about each season and then I would choose from there. 

Spring - Pretty pastel colours, new ranges of release, flowers, inspiration for colour scheme by the decor that is coming out.  The weather is just starting to change were you can start to turn the heating down, and have slightly longer natural light to help you craft a bit easier in.

Summer - The bold bright colours that you can get away with using, the fun cutting files you can get for creating layouts or card with. You tend to do more in the summer so creating more opportunities to create memories, be it a day at the beach, a bbq party, a summer holiday, a dog show, and when the sun shines, you have to admit no matter what is going on in life, the sun always makes it a bit better (well for me it can be a nightmare - I burn so easily that I have to be REALLY careful when I am out and often have to hide  from the sun for a bit )

Autumn - The slightly more relaxed season after the manic summer, the change of the colours from the bright and bold to the greens, the browns, the oranges. 

Winter - Well the longer days where you really don't want to leave the house meaning more time to craft. The coldest of the season, crafting with hot mugs of hot chocolate, the fire going or the heating on the nice thick jumpers and watching movies when taking a break. The colour schemes that are out in the shops, the blues, the silvers the winter images meaning you can really go to town with the glitter to create snow. Then you have Christmas, all the Christmas colours, the Christmas images, the Christmas songs giving you inspiration to get them Christmas gifts/cards/layouts done. Being able to use glitter on EVERYTHING because Christmas is all about the sparkle. 

So after writing it all down I come to the conclusion I had two different seasons that I liked, for two different reasons. So I picked:-

Summer - For my scrapbooking - reason being - you tend to do a lot more, take a lot more photographs, and have a lot more memories, plus you can really go to down with bright and cheerful layouts. 

Winter - for my card making - reason being - I love the colours, the glitter, the feeling of accomplishment and the excitement of Christmas, however, I hate making Christmas cards in the winter, I feel to pressured in to doing them, I end up having to batch make which I hate, so I do tend to make my "Winter" cards in the summer - maybe I am a bit weird - But I LOVE Christmas, I probably drive my family mental with the Christmas decorations, having to have them just right, having to have them up on the 1st December, having to have the Christmas dinner table the prettiest table around - But Christmas time for me is not about the pressies - don't get me wrong I do like them as well - but for me it is about Family! If I didn't have my family around at Christmas then it would not be Christmas for me. 

WOW I have rambled a little bit today, if you are still with me all this way - Well Done!! 

Don't forget about the giveaway 

I have decided as well that  I will also do a little give away -  3 separate winners -
Prize 1 - £10 Bee Crafty Gift Voucher
Prize 2 - £5 Craft Magazine - winner to choose
Prize 3 - Lili of the valley stamp to the value of £4.75

The only rules to be eligible are:
1. Follow my blog
2. Comment a minimum of 20 days out of the 30 

This is not a rule but I would also love for you to follow me on Facebook - if you do follow me, let me  know in the comments and this will give you an additional entry.

Unfortunately due to postal charges these days this give away is only open to UK friends. (I will look into how I can do a give away for my international friends and try and do something in a few months time)

See you tomorrow for Day 5 - Promise this time it is a creation, so hopefully not to much reading for you. 

Crafty Hugs

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I think you must be my Christmas twin lol.