Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Had some Time Away-But I am back

Hi All

Just thought I best pop on and update my blog. I have not been very well at all for the last few months, had many days where I have not even really been able to get out of bed. As I type this I am still laid on sofa trying to get energy to go finish a card I have to do.

Can not believe how long it has been since I last uploaded anything.
I have not really been making cards, but a have made a lot of scrapbooks and am really enjoying looking back through photos and having all the memories come flooding back to me, it is very rewarding to be able to show the photos to family and friends and have them comment on the scrapbooks. 

I have also been changing around my craft room, changing how I have my pens, I have such a large selection of pro-markers now and a few spectrum noirs that I needed to do something about them. rummaging around in that box I had them in was driving me mad especially when they kept jumping out of the box, onto the floor and then hide from me. 

So I am going to update the blog with lots of photos of the scrapbooks I have done, change the layout of the blog to give it a fresh new look oh and finish my mother in laws birthday cards. 

Hope you like what is to come 

Hugs and Loves

Kelly xxx