Thursday, 21 August 2014

First Video - Pretty Style Smash Book

Hi Guys, 

How are you all?

Well I have talked about this for months now that I wanted to start making videos, and I decided to take the plunge and just do it. 

I did a Smashbook for my family holiday back in May, and whilst looking for ideas I noticed that not a lot of people use Smashbooks for themed book, so I thought I would video mine and hopefully give someone some inspiration from it. 

Now it is my first video and it does need some alterations to it so I may upload it again when I have edited it slightly. The main issue is the lighting when I come to do it, I got my lighting just right, but then we had a massive rain storm and it come over all dark which whilst I was doing it I didn't really realise how dark it had got, so I may need to  lighten it up again.. I have spoke to hubby tho and he is going to set me some lights up using day light bulbs so that should help. 

Anyway enough of me going on, you can find my You Tube channel here


Hope you like it and please remember it is my first video so things will be wrong but at least I have had a go. 

Crafty Hugs

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Irene said...

Hi Kelly

Well done, I really enjoyed your video, for your first attempt it was great. Another string to your bow of crafting, well done again.