Thursday, 3 April 2014

Favour Box - Tutorial

Good Morning Everyone, 

Well today is the day that I start my tutorials. This is my first tutorial so I hope it goes well, and I hope that you enjoy. 

Step One 
Download the relevant box - This is the one that I have used - HERE

Step Two 
Open the file in the silhouette studio, change the settings to A4 on a 12x12 Mat

Step Three 
Resize the main part of the box to 7.680 x 4.010

Step Four 
Resize the four squares to 1.735 x 1.895
 Step Five 
Resize the Bottom of the box to 2.235 x 2.235

Step Six 
Move the shapes so that they all fit the paper on the mat, and cut using the settings that you need for the card that you are using. 

Step Seven
Pull the parts from the mat and lay out on your desk, make sure that all the "bits" pop out, if not use a pokey tool to get them out. 

Step Eight
Using the score lines that the cameo has cut for you, fold the lines to make it start to stand up.

Step Nine
Using the same technique, fold the tops over as well

Step Ten
Fold the edges of the top back on themselves and not so that they go into the box.

Step Eleven
Take the coloured squares and glue them to the inside of the box shape.

Step Twelve
Fold the bottom section so that you can create s base, glue this down so it looks like the picture.

Step Thirteen
Keep using the glue to glue in the base section, once you get to the end of the box, an additional tab is left over, this needs securing in to the box on the inside as well.

Step Fourteen
Once you have glued all the pieces in, and the bottom in, your box will stand up and look like below.

Step Fifteen
Pop the candle inside the box, and were the little slips are you need to secure your ribbon in through these holes.

Finished Product 

So there you go, my first tutorial, I enjoyed making the tutorial, and have done that much, that I have gone and ordered a load of new day light lighting and light tents and camera equipment to help make the tutorials quicker, and easier for you to be able to read them. 

Next stop - video tutorials!

Thanks for looking and any comments are greatly appreciated.

Crafty Hugs


Stephanie said...

Great box! Thanks for tutorial

The-Crafty-Dragon said...

Great for your first tutorial. I wouldn't have a clue how to do one. The box is fab and can be used for so many suffer ant gifts. We'll done xx

Pat K said...

Great 1st tutorial Kelly. The box is absolutely gorgeous....can't wait to see more. Pat K x

nwilliams6 said...

Can't wait for the video tutorial! So pretty! Lovely work! Hugz!