Friday, 8 April 2011

Sad to say and A Thank You

Hello Everyone,

Well I am sad to say that I found something disturbing earlier, I have been looking around the many blogs today, and commenting where appropriate, and to my shock and horror, I come across a blog that has my card on it, the lady clearly had copied my card and published it in her blog as her own work, I cant tell you how upset I was to see this. So I decided to start putting my name on everything I now publish on my blog and on forums. However I could not work out how to do it, so I contact Bev from who is an amazing card maker and she kindly explained to me how to do it. So I just wanted to a massive Thank You to Bev for showing me how to do it.

Kelly xx


Ann said...

oh Kelly that must have been such a shock for you. How rude and totally dishonest of someone to do that. I seem to remember someone else complaining about the very same thing last week. Infact they had stole the photo to advertise goods on ebay - sheesh the audacity of some people.
Glad you know how to protect your work a little now.
Love and hugs
Ann xxx

Pink-Crafty-Devil said...

To make it worse it was a lady who was going in for a design team post and I think she was just trying to get her blog looking more full... But at least I know and have the pleasure that I made the card just infuriating that someone could be so dishonest.
Any how, at least now it should not happen again.
Kelly x

Max said...

Some people have no shame! Sadly this is something that happens frequently when you post your work on the internet and it can be very difficult to stop, however marking your photos will at least discourage them, so hopefully it won't happen to you again. BTW I hope you gave her a piece of your mind for being so dishonest!
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Anonymous said...

That's a shame Kelly, such a shock to have your work stolen by someone else. I've considered water marking my cards but have never done anything about it yet.


Pink-Crafty-Devil said...

Brenda, I would seriously consider doing it, it took me long enough to do it, and then I only did because I got bitten by someone stealing the work.
Give me email if you want to know how.
Kelly x