Friday, 8 April 2011

House Mouse Hits America

Hello Everyone,

I contacted House Mouse America with the card I made for the Bah Humbug Challenge Candy Cane. Have a look at the site to see the card in America, they have also put the stamp sheet that corresponds with the card next to the card so if you want to buy it you can. Here's the link to the card House Mouse America.

Thanks for looking
Kelly x


Max said...

That was a fantastic idea Kelly - now anyone who sees it on the official HM website will know it's yours. Well done for using your initiative!

Max's Craft Creations
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Anonymous said...

Yay! I have a little gallery on that site too, must upload some more cards! It's a wonderful feeling to look on there and see your own work isn't it?


Pink-Crafty-Devil said...

Oh Brenda I will have to go and have a look on your blog to find your cards you have put in for house mouse America, I think it is amazing that they allow us to upload our cards to their site. I do love house mouse, I will admit I was not jumping about them at first but that was before the unmounted version come out. I love them now.