Monday, 9 May 2011

New Owner

Well, No cards for me at the moment, but will be two later on in the week. 

Well now for the reason behind this post, I am now a new owner of a Cricut Expression Machine, I have the Create machine, and for about the last 6 months I have said I wanted an Expression, my hubby has gone to buy me one on more then one occasion but because of the price of it, I was put of, then I heard that Provo Craft are releasing the Expression 2 in the UK next month, now I was very tempted, but thought about it, and decided to wait for at least a year before I got the new model, reason behind this, is I have been on hundreds of American Blogs and noticed that the machine had a few minor technical faults, that needed updates to be done to it (it is all electronic and touch screen) so after many long talks with my husband (bless him) I decided to wait a little while let all the bugs off the expression 2 get sorted and then up grade in maybe a years time.
BUT I am over the moon, now I just need to wait for the postman to come and deliver it, hopefully tomorrow, but it best not come till I have been and got my car MOT done.

Well thanks for reading and like I said I will now go and get on with them cards for you which I will get up on here as soon as possible.

Kelly x

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