Sunday, 2 May 2010

Proud New Owner

Hello Everyone,

Well I am pleased to say that I am now a proud owner of a cricut create, I only got it on Saturday and already in love with it, it is amazing, so quick, and easy to use... This is the story of it.

I first wanted the cricut machine about 2 years ago, when my local craft shop had a demo day off different machines that she stocked, including the cricut, craft robo, cuttlebug, bigshot. I went with the intention of buying the Cricut that day, but was talked out of it and convinced the Craft Robo was the way to go... Well I got the software thousands of cuts etc and just could not get away with it, my mum bought it off me but she still had the same problems that I, and due to the both stated that we would not get another machine like it... We both still tho admired the machine, but thought that it was a lot of money and were worried it would be the same trouble that the robo was... Then along come create and craft with it on offer, and a very lucky mum who ordered the machine. Since seeing my mum's machine I had to have one... After 2 weeks of searching for a deal I decided to just hang on and keep my money until one that i really fancied come along (couldnt afford the create and craft offer) then on my grandads birthday the day before mine, I found my perfect machine, and was extremly lucky to be able to go and pick the machine up on saturday, and what a lovely lady I met who clearly had looked after her machine and cartridges, due to family and friends coming yesterday, today was the only chance I really had to play, and wow! I will post some pieces up once I construct some cards and scrapbook page's... my mind is over flowing with ideas...
Kelly xxx

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