Monday, 8 March 2010

Beaching It

Hello All,

A quick tip for you all to remember.

Whilst I was doing some card making back in January for my dad's birthday I accidently picked up the wrong pro marker, I thought I had picked up the light blue but had actually picked up the dark blue pro marker. I thought that was it, I would have to re-make my card. I then remembered something about using bleach to create sheep. So outcome the house hold bleach and put it into a small container with a thin paint brush, and went over the dark blue, using the paint brush along with a piece of kitchen paper, I picked up the colour of the dark blue, creating a light blue colour and hay pesto the card was fixed.

Another tip with bleach, try it with different colours, black creates a pink colour whilst dark brown creates a orange rustic colour.... go on have a try and see what results you can get.
(Please note that whilst using bleach all care should be put into not getting any on to your clothes, or skin, as damage to clothes may happen and skin irriation may occur, please read instruction of use on the bottle)


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